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1. Need of Computer literacy and skill development-

Computers have brought up a revolutionary change in the past couple of decades. They are everywhere now and being used by everyone. They are being used in every field as they provide the facility of storing large data safely which can be easily accessed and managed. They play vital role in our daily life owing to facilities it provides which are beyond our imagination. Their wide application has made the computer education a must.

As computers are being used widely these days, gaining computer education is the need of time. One should be equipped with the basic knowledge of computers, it’s operations and applications. Both basic and practical knowledge completes the basic computer education.

Computers do not act as storage or processing devices only. They are the biggest sources of entertainment and communication as well. One can get connected to another in other part of world in no time with the help of computers. It helps in searching and retrieving vast information over internet also and only computer education can increase the applications of computer across the world.

Those coupled with computer knowledge that may be networking, programming or any other, are always preferred over others and eventually gets the better job opportunities as in modern world no business operates without computers. So, computer education is extremely important now as it is an eligibility criterion for getting recruited. Getting acquainted with computer education makes business easy as various business transactions can be made fast and safe. Also all the business records and documents can be stored in computer thus reducing the need of paper documentation. One can shop being immobile as orders can be placed on internet which saves time and transportation cost. Various database management soft wares are available in market which manages the large amount of data as per requirement. Computers are not used for business purposes solely; they are also used for gaming and for media purposes all over the globe, thus proving its worth as a one of the main source of entertainment.

Thus we need computer literate people in order to keep pace with time and society. This is the information Age and computers and computer education are must to rise and to achieve the ladder of success


    1. Male/Female of BPL, Economically Weaker Section of People, SC & ST of targeted slums who are in need of some basic skill to become productive and creative.

   2. People of these Community lack skill to become productive as well as creative. After the training these people can get job and financially become self-sufficient.

    1. To Provide Free computer literacy in Software and Hardware to BPL, Economically weaker section & SC/ST people residing in Patna.
   2. To train needy youth to become skilled, productive and creative in computer related jobs.
   3. Raise Computer awareness of the community as a whole.


  1. Economical weaker male SC/ST would be given this opportunity.
  2. All trainees will be provided quality education & practical orientation under the term of qualified & expert instructors.
  3. The trainees would become skilled, productive and creative in computer related job.
  4. The targeted People would have raise awareness of the community as a whole, including the Male/Female members, on the constitutional and legal rights of girls to education and to development.
  5. The potential of adolescent girls and boys would contribute to the development of the community they belong to.
  6. The trained Male/Female would develop the habit of savings and become self-reliant.

अघ्यक्ष की कलम से

सर्वप्रथम बीआईए के अध्यक्ष के रूप में मुझे पुन: इस वर्ष के लिए निर्वाचित कर एसोसिएशन की सेवा का अवसर प्रदान करने के लिए आप सभी के प्रति धन्यवाद एवं हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त करता हूँ। .... आगे पढ़िए

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