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About Membership:-

Bihar Industries Association is consist of more than 650 members & growing continuously. The members are strength of this association. Becoming a member of the “Bihar Industries Association” you can have many rights and privileges.

  1. To attend the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association and to cast votes in such meetings.
  2. To receive free of charge usual publication of the association and circulars.
  3. To fill any office of the Association for which he may be qualified under Article 11 on being elected or co-opted.

However that-

  1. a representative of an Affiliated Organization Member, Special Category Member and Associate Member shall not be eligible for election as an office bearer of the Association as such, and,
  2. The Special Category Member and Associate Member will further not be eligible either for election for the office of Member Executive Council or will not have voting rights.

Registration of Members-

 After a member is declared to have been admitted, the name of the member will be enrolled in the Register of members along with the names of up to three authorized representatives (listed in order of seniority) nominated by it in the Register of members to be specially provided by the Association. The authorized representatives must have already attained majority and must be partners, Directors or senior executives of the member. All the members of the Association shall be required to complete specimen signature cards which shall be provided by the Association and the Office of the Association shall maintain these specimen signature cards for verification of the member's signature, if and when found necessary.

 Termination of Membership-

  1. A member's connection with the Association shall terminate on grounds of acting in a manner derogatory to the interest of the Association, which will be determined by the General Meeting of the Association by a majority of not less than two-third votes of the members present, provided that at least two month's notice shall have been given to the member concerned in writing.
  2. A member shall if so facto cease to be a member of the Association, if he is adjudicated an insolvent or convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude or is declared insane or is in arrears of subscription for three years.

Change in Membership –

 In the case of change in the ownership or constitution or style of a corporate member or change from Firm to Private Limited/Limited Company, the member will inform the Association of the same along with intimation about its authorized representatives. If generally the nomenclature of the member remains unchanged, the membership will continue as before. In case of any change in the nomenclature, the original member will cease. The member concerned may then apply for fresh membership under the new name.


 The Annual Subscription of the Association of all categories of members shall be determined by resolution to be passed at a General Meeting of the Association.

The Subscription shall become due on the first day of the beginning of the Association's financial year and must be paid within 3 months i.e. 30th June. A member, who pays up-to-date subscription by 30th June, will have the right to vote and to stand for any election of the Association and to represent the Association on any public body.

Members who pay their up-to-date subscription by cash or Bank Draft 48 hours before the date of Annual General Meeting shall have the right to vote at that meeting and/or represent the Association on any public body. In case of default the secretary shall report the name of defaulting members to the council for such action as considered necessary. In case a member is in default the Executive Council will have the right to remove his name from membership list and he will cease to exercise all rights and privileges of membership. This action may be taken by the Executive Council not-with-standing anything contained in Article 7 (ii) (Termination of Membership point 2).

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