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Bihar Agri Investment Promotion Policy

Under the Bihar Agricultural Investment Promotion Policy (BAIPP) run by the Directorate of Horticulture, Department of Agriculture, a plan to encourage and promote the field of agro-processing business in Bihar by creating an enabling environment for seven crops including tea.



  • Bihar Agri Investment Promotion Policy provides capital subsidy to the eligible individual investors / entrepreneurs or registered farmer-based companies for setting up / modernization / diversification/ expansion of agro processing units in the identified seven in the state of Bihar.
  • The investors/ entrepreneurs may set-up their units as Proprietorship, Partnership firm,Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Company including Farmer Producer Company (FPC).
  • The seven focus sectors covered under BAIPP are – makhana, honey, fruits & vegetables, maize, seeds, medicinal & aromatics plants and tea.
  • The projects with minimum approved eligible project cost of Rs. 0.25 cr. and maximum of Rs. 5 cr. shall be eligible for availing the benefits under this policy.
  • The Capital subsidy support shall be entirely credit linked and the term loan from the Bank/Financial Institution should not be less than 20% of the project cost.
  • Capital subsidy under the said policy is allowed for expansion/modernization of existing projects in the identified sectors, only if the existing capacity of the said project is increased by at least 25% by way of such modernization or expansion or diversification (definition of expansion and modernization same as BIIPP 2016).
  • The policy provisions under the current policy shall be available to investors in addition to the Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016, but there shall be no overlapping support, i.e. investors shall not be eligible to avail the same type of incentives under both policies.


Other subsidies/grants/soft loans and other benefits as applicable in other schemes shall be valid for Agri industries and infrastructure established in the State of Bihar, however, the upper limit to receive benefit from all the permissible sources shall be capped as per the following specifications:



Type / Category of Investor

Capping of incentives


Individual – General



Individual – SC / ST / EBC



Individual - Women, differently abled persons, war widows, acid attack victims and third gender investors



FPC (Farmer Producer Companies)




  • To promote and facilitate investment in the agribusiness sector in Bihar through financial assistance and an enabling environment.
  • To increase the level of processing, reduction of wastage, value addition and promote exports thereby resulting in overall development of the agro processing sector.
  • To extend financial assistance for establishment of new agro-processing units as well as technology upgradation and expansion of existing units in the State in the identified sectors of Agriculture.
  • To enhance income of farmers through better returns gained through better processing of produce.
  • To create employment opportunities through promotion of agro based industries.


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This policy shall be applicable in the entire state and considering Bihar's leading position across the country in terms of agri produce, the Policy identifies the following seven agribusiness sectors for extending the financial assistance.



Processed makhana, makhana powder, ready to eat makhana (different flavours), confectionaries, breakfast mix, chips, kheer mix, etc.


Fruits and Vegetables

Litchi, Guava, Banana, Potato, Spices, Tomato, Mushroom, Tamarind, Pickle Unit-(Juice, Beverage, Jam, jelly, nectar, ayurvedic medicines, Potato flakes, powder, granulated)



Processed honey for consumption, honey for industrial use (pharmaceutical, food processing, cosmetics, etc.), bee venom, royal jelly, bee-wax, propolis, pollen.


Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Medicinal and aromatic plant-based products.     



Cattle feed, fish feed, Poultry feed, Corn flakes, corn grits/ corn suji, corn starch, Post-harvest management infrastructure including storage.



Modern tea processing units, Teabags, loose tea, compressed tea, Instant tea, bottled and canned tea, processed tea for industrial use.



Seed processing units (cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, etc.).


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