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Aims & Objectives:
The main objective of this Association is to promote industrial development of this State by focussing attention of the State and Central Government and other authorities towards the impediments in the way of Industrialization and to promote and safeguard the interest of industries in general and industries of Bihar in particular. The Association acts as a representative body with the sole object of advancing and promoting the common cause of industry. It also helps in formulating healthy legislation and State Policies with regards to the protection of Industries in Bihar. It has always endeavoured to maintain harmonious relations between labour and capital and undertakes work of labour welfare and social services. 
Status & Recognition:
The Association is registered under Section 26 of the Companies Act, 1913, and is an existing company under the companies  act 1956 covered by Section-25 thereof as a non-profit making organisation. It is recognised by the Central and State.
The membership of the Association is open to any association, individual, financial institution, organisation engaged in any branch of industry, mining or any profession including law, taxation, consultancy, etc. Several Government undertakings are also its members. 
BIA has a wide ranging experience of more than 66 years with National & International exposure in the field of Industrial sectors.




President Speaks

First of all I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks and gratitude towards all the esteemed members of the.... Read More

Upcoming Events

Destination Bihar Expo 2018

from 9th March to 13th March 2018 at Gandhi Maidan, Patna

  • BULLETIN-2016-17

Office Bearers

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